2016 December


Big Lost River Ground Water District

Regular Board Meeting

This Notice is posted at the Butte County Court House, Water District 34 Office, ancl the Arco Post Office. This and all meetings of the Board of Directors are public and subject to pertinent C)pen Meeting Laws.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016
1:00 P.M.
Business Incubation Center (BIC) in Arco, Idaho
Agenda Iterns:

1.      Call to Order and Roll Call (Moj)
Chairman Broadie called the meeting to order at 1:01 pm, All Directors were present: Mike Telford, Jack Jensen, Jake Johnson, Moj Broadie, Mitchell Sorensen, Terry Monson, Todd Perkes, and Manager Debbie Broadie. A list of attending members is attached.

2.      Approval of Agenda (Moj)
Agenda Item #8 was moved up in sequence and merged with Item 3. Mitchell moved to accept the agenda as modified, seconded by Jack, voting was unanimous,

3.       Approval of Organizational Minutes and Old Business
•        Revised Forms and Notices: Assessments – Petition for Exclusion – “Grace Period” Contact List (Mitchell) Secretary Sorensen presented the 2nd portion of the Organizational Meeting minutes with the modified forms and notices. Mike moved to approve the minutes of the Nov. 29 and Dec. 6, 2016 Organization Meetings and accept the modified Notice of Assessment and Petition for Exclusion forms as presented, seconded by Jack, voting was unanirnous.

•        Organizational Costs: Election Costs and Bond Re-imbursement (Mitchell)

The organizational and election costs were reviewed. More receipts for organizational costs were submitted and the election costs as detailed by Clerk Shaffer was reviewed. Mike moved Treasurer Perkes be instructed to contact each of the cash bond contributors to determine if they are willing to allow BLRGWD to use the reimbursed portions of the bonds for operational expenses during the interim while assessment notices and collections occur, and after assessment revenues are collected, both organizational and interim contributions will be settled by check dispersals, secondecl by Mitchell, voting was unanimous.

•        Response to ESPA GWMA Order and Critical GW Petition (Mike)

Mike led a discussion regarding the draft Mission Statement, the ESPA GWMA Nov. 2, 2016, Administrative Order, and the Petition to establish a Critical Groundwater Area. The draft Mission Statement was modified and will continue to be reviewed from time to time. Possible responses to the order and petition were identified as:

1.)      “Do Nothing” until the Director issues some type of Order, then “fight” if needed.

2.)      Send a letter to the Director asking him to “give us a minute” while BLRGWD formulates a management plan.

3.)      Send a letter tC) the Director briefly explaining BLRGWD position regarding the “1 5 Requests in the Petition”.

4.)      Send a letter to the Director stating BI.RGWD wants “No Critical or Management Areas”.

5.)      Send a letter to the Director requesting the Big Lost River Basin be “part or separate from the ESPA GWMA”.

After discussing each of these options, Mike moved a letter emphasizing the positive aspects of BLRGWD be sent to the Director stating the district supports the continued separation from the ESPA GWMA and with conditions of reservations request the Director consider designating the Big Lost River Basin as a separate GWMA, seconded by Jack, voting was unanimous.

Jake suggested a second letter be sent to the Director in response to the Petition for a Critical Groundwater Area stating the petitioners lack some basic understanding of water issues relating to their 4 Reasons and 5 Requests and BLR(3WD opposes the petition. Mitchell so moved, seconded by Jake, voting was unanimous. These two draft letters will be reviewed at the next board meeting.

4.     By-Laws Development (Moj)
The board had a brief discussion about by-laws and determined that for the immediate future they would rely on Idaho Code as the principle guidance for the district, and continue to refine the language of the mission and vision statements, The board also indicated they would review the motions of the steering committee in subsequent board meetings.

5.        Indemnification Insurance ICRMP — Bonds (Moj)
Moj reported he had spoken to ICRMP and received a cost analysis. Those costs will be included in the budget and the insurance will be forrnaliz.ed,

6.  Report on WC)34 and IGWA Meeting (Mike and Mitchell)
o         Ground Water Pumpage Report

The WC)34 watermaster reported the Groundwater pumpage for 2014 at 112,446 AF, 2015 at 90,231. AF, and 1016 at 79,839 AF. The reduced annual pumpage trend was noted. Also, the Individual GW usage report will be available from WD34 in the next few weeks.

Mitchell reported the WD 34 Advisory Committee (with IDWR’s recommendation) requested BLRGWD not use the WD office as an office for Manager Broadie, but indicated the office could still be used for board meetings. The Business Incubation Center offer for the use of a manager’s office and conference room was discussed. Jake was asked to inquire of the City of Mackay regarding the possible use a separate office in their building. The board will review these options and will give Manager Broadie’s preference deference when deciding this matter.

o         IGWA Membership, GW Reduction Program, and Information Request

The merits of joining IGWA as a GWD was briefly explained. Several board members express the need to focus on the local basin management issues. It was determined it would be helpful to ask IGWA to come to the valley and participate in some type of a presentation so the general membership could better understand how GWD(s) function and why some issues are of only local concern while other issues are more of a regional concern.

7.   Review of 2017 Budget and Assessments (Todd and Debbie)
Todd presented an initial proposed 2017 Budget. That preliminary buclget is attached to these minutes. While some budget items are currently identifiable, board members and management recognized this budget will need to be modified in many areas prior to it being completed and approved. Assessment lists and invoices wili also begin to be developed as an office is settled and equipped.

8.   Review Mission and Vision Statements (Mike and Mitchell)
(This agenda item was included in agenda item 3 above,)

9.            Aquifer Recovery/Stabilization and Mitigation Concepts (Mike with Board and Gallery panicipation)

10.        Member and Public Comments (sign-up: limited to 3 minutes – no board action at this time)

Members comment’s from the gallery included such items as: natural discharge from basin 34 into the ESPA, clifferences and similarities within the basin, unifying basin water users, capping budget expenses, budget and assessrnent: methodology questions, incidental and managed recharge, response to Critical GWA Petition, office location, Custer County letter, “opting-out”, public information regarding BLRGWD.

11. Letter from Custer County Commissioners (Moj) 12. Executive Session 13. Review Regular Board Meeting Schedule and Future Agenda Items (Mitchell) 14. Adjournment (Moj)
Agenda Items 9, 11, 12, and 13 were not acted upon. Those items will be rescheduled as needed. The next board meeting was set for Ian. 3, 2017, @ 1:00 p.m. at the WD34 Office in Mackay, Idaho. Jake move for adjournment, seconded by Mitchell, voting was unanimous.