2017 February


Big Lost River Ground Water District

Regular Board Meeting –

This Notice is posted at the Butte County Court House, WD 34 Office in Mackay, and BLRGWD Office in the Arco BIC. This and all meetings of the Board of Directors are public and subject to pertinent Open Meeting Laws.

Date:          Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Time:          1:00 P.M.

Location: Business Incubation Center, Suite 106, Arco, Idaho

Agenda Items and Minutes of the Board Meeting:

1.                 Call to Order and Roll Call

Chairman Broadie called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. Those present were Mike Telford, Terry Monson, Todd Perkes, Mitchell Sorensen, Moj Broadie, Jack Jensen, Jake Johnson, and office manager Debbie Broadie. A list of attending members in the gallery is attached.

2.                 Approval of Agenda

Mike moved to approve the agenda, seconded by Jack, voting was unanimous.

3.                 Approval of Jan. 3, 2017 Minutes

Mike moved to approve the minutes as presented, seconded by Jack, voting was unanimous.

4.           Assessment Policy and Methodology, Assessment Book, and First Year Invoices
Todd introduced a redrafted I’Draft of Projected Income/Expenses” schedule and a sample page of the “Assessment Book”. The Board directed the $91, 511.72 of non-categorized projected revenue/expenditures be designated as 20% Reserves and 70% Contingencies and 10% additional Operational Costs. Debbie presented a schedule of some of the organization costs, accounts payable, and a form letter to be provided to members who need to update their mailing address (handout schedules and tables attached). The board then discussed when the invoice billings would be sent out, due dates, and mailing address corrections.

Mike moved: a. the Certified IDWR List of WR Owners be used for mailing purposes,

b. an “address correction” form be sent to known WR Owners that need address updating,

c.  the normal “due date” of 30 days after invoice mailing be extended to May 1, 2017 with no penalty until 30 days after the May 1st date,

d. and, a newspaper notice be prepared explaining the invoice due date and need for address updates.

Terry seconded the motion, voting was unanimous.

Jack indicated he would be willing to assist Debbie in reviewing the address corrections and help ensure all invoices are sent to the current WR owner.

Jack then moved the 2017 Assessment Invoices be sent out within the next 2 weeks (by Feb. 21st), Todd seconded, and voting was unanimous.

Mitchell moved to approve the payment of checks as presented by Debbie, Jack seconded, and voting was unanimous.

5.        Draft Policy Development

The draft Policies of BLRGWD were introduced by Mitchell. Board members were asked to review them before the next board meeting. It was suggested the 100 – 300 series be scheduled for board review and action at the next board meeting. Other series will be scheduled for subsequent meetings.

6.          Approved Public Information Meeting Development and Schedule
Items identified in this Board meeting as possible content for public informational meetings include

“Assessment Methodology”, “Stabilization Plan”, “IGWA Membership”, and “GW Level Monitoring Programs”. The consensus thinking of the directors was, as these issues evolve and are developed at the board level they will eventually need to be presented to the members of the GWD for educational purposes in an approved and properly structured presentation.

7.                  Aquifer Stabilization and Potential Mitigation for 2017

a.     Why?

l.                     (May 29, 2016 IDWR Report to County Commissioners – Discussed Jan. 3, 2017) ll. (Jan. 7, 2017 IDWR Final Order Curtailing Jun. 20, 1989 Priorities — Discussed Feb. 7, 2017)

This curtailment order was briefly reviewed by the Board, with the relevant parts being highlighted that could be applied in future curtailment orders in the Big Lost River Basin. This review was intended to help Directors and members understand how curtailment and possible stay of curtailment by participation in a GWD’s approved mitigation plan or settlement agreement might be applied in our local basin. It was emphasized the current ESPA boundary lines is the legal mechanism that is protecting the Big Lost River Basin from the SWC type of delivery calls, and that protection would not change simply by joining IGWA.

b.     What?

l.                     (Dennis Owsley L.R. Aquifer Report — Discussed Dec. 2015) ll. (Sentinel Wells and Monitoring GW levels — Jaxon Higgs — Discussed Feb. 7, 2017)

Jaxon Higgs of Water Well Consultants, Inc. gave a presentation regarding the delivery calls from the

ESPA, trim and boundary lines, and how these and local calls might affect ground water users in the Big Lost River Basin in the future. He then showed a map of existing monitoring wells in the Big Lost and discussed how additional data from within the valley would help the GWD better understand what and how a mitigation and/or stabilization plan would benefit from having additional data.

Mike moved: a. Jaxon be authorized to collaborate with IDWR to evaluate where six (6) additional monitoring sites would yield the best data,

b. Jaxon would prepare a monitoring plan to be presented to the Board at the next board meeting (Feb. 21st),

c. Expenses for this project be limited to $1,000.00,

d. The well monitoring map would be overlaid with the Managed Recharge sites,

e. The bill for this project would not be due until after assessment revenues were collected.

Jake seconded the motion, Terry voted No (due to funding concerns) all other Directors voted Yes.

Chairman Broadie was asked to call IDWR, Matt Weaver, to verify the receipt of the previously mailed letters dated Jan. 5, 2017 and Jan. 18, 2017 regarding the possible designation of a GWMA or CGMA in the Big Lost River Basin. Moj will report at the next Board meeting.

c.      How?

The Board expressed it was time for BLRGWD to begin the process of writing a “2017 Stabilization Plan”. This plan will take some time to develop and draft versions will be referred to and updated regularly. The first components should include: 2017 snow pack projections, monitoring programs, and recharge participation and development. Secretary Sorensen was asked to prepare a first draft by the next Board Meeting.

8.                  Petition Requests

Debbie reported that five (5) Petitions for Exclusion had been submitted. This petitions referenced ground water rights having a total quantity of 9.59 cfs. The Board decided to discuss how to process these petitions given the likelihood of potential litigation in executive session.

9.                  Member and Public Comments (please sign-up: limit to 3 minutes — no board action at this time) Members in the gallery that had indicated they had comments had no further comments.

10.        Executive Session
The Board met in executive session and then came out of session.

Todd moved the petitioners, on an individual basis, be invited by certified mail to come to the tentatively scheduled March 7th Board Meeting to discuss their respective Petition for Exclusion. Seconded by Terry, voting was unanimous.

Mike moved the next meeting to be held on Feb. 21, 2017 at the WD 34 Office in Mackay, Idaho. Seconded by Mitchell, voting was unanimous.

11.        Adjournment
At 4:50 p.m. Mitchell moved to adjourn,

Seconded by Todd„ voting was unanimous.

Minutes Approved and Accepted