2017 January


Big Lost River Ground Water District

— Regular Board Meeting –

This Notice is posted at the Butte County Court House, Water District 34 Office, and the Moore and Arco Post Offices. This and all meetings of the Board of Directors are public and subject to pertinent Open Meeting Laws.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017
1:00 P.M.
WD 34 Office in Mackay, Idaho

Agenda Items:  (and minutes)

1.           Call to Order and Roll Call

Chairman Broadie called the meeting to order at 1:02 p.m.

All Directors were present: : Mike Telford by telephone, Jack Jensen, Jake Johnson, Moj Broadie, Mitchell Sorensen,

Terry Monson, Todd Perkes, and Manager Debbie Broadie. A list of attending members is attached.

2.           Approval of Agenda

Todd moved to approve the agenda as presented, seconded by Jack, voting was unanimous.

3.           Approval of Dec. 20, 2016 Minutes

Jack moved to accept the Dec. 20, 2016 minutes as presented, seconded by Jake, voting was unanimous.

4.      Old Business
a.)     Office location and rental agreement

Jake reported the City of Mackay building has available office space. Todd also reported the Arco BIC has available office space. Mitchell moved Manger Broadie and Treasurer Perkes be authorized to sign a six (6) month agreement will BIC using funds from the Butte County reimbursement of the bond money for rent and office table, chairs, cabinets, and computer equipment, seconded by Todd, Jack abstained, all other directors voted yes.

b.)    ICRMP Update

Jim McKelvey presented a brief history and explanation of Idaho Counties Risk Management Plan (ICRMP) and reported coverage could be provided for $1,200.00 per year, or $900.00 for the remaining % of this year. This would provide standard coverage of “Errors and Omissions, Liabilities, and Facilities”. Moved by Mitchell to authorized Jim to bind the policy, seconded by Jack, voting was unanimous.

c.)     Revised Mission and Vision Statement

The previous board’s revisions of the mission statement were noted along with a spelling error. The statements will continue to be used and subject to review as needed.

d.)    Steering Committee Motions

A copy of the steering Committee motions was included in the board packet for later reference and consideration.

e.)     Custer County Letter

Jake introduced the concerns members were having with the duration of the “grace period” and the “petition for exclusion” form. Todd clarified the difference between “Opt-Out” and “Exclusion” forms and the time frame for their respective usage. Gallery members also raised questions regarding “otherwise, and handbook” forms and what is the requisite information of any of the forms. Members were reminded the exclusion form provided by the board represented what the director’s perspective of what minimal information requirements is described in Idaho Code and that the form was intended to only provide some assistance to those members who are considering being excluded from the GWD. At the request of members and Custer County Commissioners letters the board discussed how a legal review of the forms might be obtained without adding undue expense and frustration to everyone. Mike moved the board get a legal opinion of the various forms and extend the “grace period” to March 1, 2017, seconded by Jake, voting was unanimous.

(It should be noted thatfollowing the passage of the previous motion, most of the members in the gallery left the meeting without listening to the balance of the business conducted by the board.)

The draft letter to Custer County Commissioners, with attachments, was reviewed and expanded to include a response to the December 28, 2016 second letter from the commissioners which has included in the board packet. Jack moved to authorize and send an expanded response letter to Custer County Commissioner’s two letters, seconded by Jake, voting was unanimous. (copy on file)

f.)      Review draft Letter 1

The draft letter to Director Spackman regarding the Designation of the Big Lost River as a Ground Water Management Area was reviewed. Moved by Jack to send this letter to Director Spackman, seconded by Todd, voting was unanimous. (copy on file)

g.)     Review draft Letter 2

The draft letter to Director Spackman regarding the Response to Petition to Create a Critical Ground Water Area was reviewed. Moved by Jack to send this letter to Director Spackman two weeks after Letter 1 was sent, seconded by Terry, voting was unanimous. (copy on file)

h.)     Draft 2017 Budget Revisions

No action was taken at this time. The revisions to the budget will be discussed at a subsequent meeting.

5.            Aquifer Stabilization and Potential Mitigation for 2017 [the Why(s)-What(s)-and How(s)]

a.)     Why?

The Report of the Idaho Department of Water Resources dated May 29, 2016 IN THE MATTER OF THE

PETITION TO FORM THE BIG LOST RIVER GROUND WATER DISTRICT that was sent to the Butte County Commissioners during the formation of BLRGWD was charted on the white board and discussed with some detail. Board members and members who remained in the gallery expressed they had a better understanding of (Why?) the GWD was formed and (Why?) it is now doing what it is doing.

b.)    What?

No discussion at this time, but this matter will be discussed in subsequent meetings.

c.)     How?

No discussion at this time, but this matter will be discussed in subsequent meetings.

6.            Member and Public Comments (please sign-up: limit to 3 minutes —no board action at this time) As noted above, most members had left the meeting.

Executive Session

No motion to go into executive session.

8.      Adjournment
Todd moved to adjourn at 4:34 p.m., with the next board meeting to be held on February 7, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. at the new BIC Office or adjoining conference room, seconded by Jake, voting was unanimous.