2017 August


Big Lost River Ground Water District

— Regular Board Meeting –

This and all meetings of the Board of Directors are public and subject to pertinent Open Meeting Laws.

Date:          Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Time:         1:00 P.M.

Location: Business Incubation Center — Arco, Idaho

Agenda Items:

1.                 Call to Order and Roll Call

Vice Chairman Mike called the meeting to order at 1:08 pm. Those present were Mike Telford, Jack Jensen, Jake Johnson, Terry Monson, Todd Perkes, Mitchell Sorensen, and Moj Broadie arrived shortly after the meeting was called to order. Office Manager Debbie Broadie was also present.

2.                 Approval of Agenda

Jake moved to approve the agenda, seconded by Jack, voting was unanimous.

3.          Approval of July 11, 2017 Minutes
The July 11, 2017 minutes were reviewed with corrections noted. Those corrected minutes will be reviewed again at the September board meeting.

Moved by Todd, seconded by Terry, voting was unanimous.

4.         Office Manager’s Reports (Debbie)
a.       Financial Reports

Debbie handed out and reviewed the financial reports. Copies are attached to these minutes.

Debbie also requested she be authorized to upgrade the “Quick Book” accounting program and be trained in that computer program.

Mitchell moved to approve that upgrade and training, seconded by Todd, voting was unanimous.

b.       Other items

Debbie reported the current website page has limitations, but could be upgraded to the capacity that would meet the GWD needs for a cost of $10.00 per month.

Jack moved the upgrade be approved, seconded by Jake, voting was unanimous.

5.         Watermaster Recharge Report (Lucas)
Lucas gave a report of the 2017 managed recharge efforts in the basin. The total amount of managed recharge was 103,294 acre feet. Incidental recharge is not included in this report. The following table shows the amount of recharge conducted in each of the six recharge sub-districts.

46,531 AF
6,675 AF
20,502 AF
14,814 AF
11,648 AF
3,120 AF
Lucas also reported there were substantial river flows leaving the valley that could have been diverted for the benefit of the valley if more recharge projects were further developed. A recent agreement between WD34 and DOE did capture the diversion of water into INL* spreading ponds as “credit” for Basin 34 irrigators. He also reported the river reaches below the Moore and Arco Diversions and will begin to dewater as river flows diminish. There were 48 WRs (totaling 26 cfs) with an Arco Diversion Pt. of Div. that have not been called for again this season even though flows at the Arco Gages shows available river flows for most of May, June, and July. (See attached USGS chart and WD34 report.)

The board then had a discussion regarding these facts and concluded there remains periods of time when river water supplies continue to be available for further development, and some senior surface water users may be at risk of forfeiture due to extended periods of non-use. These circumstances also provide an opportunity for the GWD to promote the “Water Bank Initiative” and local water use projects as contemplated in the 2017 Management and Aquifer Stabilization Plan.

Mitchell moved to authorize Mike, Jack, and Mitchell to meet with interested water users from the Arco and Moore areas and form “Teams” that would promote and develop at least one water project in each area using the available water supplies, seconded by Mike, voting was unanimous.

6.         Officer and Committee Reports
a.       2018 Annual Meeting and Assessment Preparations (Todd)

Todd gave a report of “Collections and Audits”. He also introduced an initial proposed budget for the 2018 operating year. (See handout) The board expressed their desire to be very conservative in budget expenses, but also understood there will likely be many unknown projects and mitigation/stabilization plans in the coming months that will most likely require money.

Mike moved the initial proposed budget be set at $1.00 per acre or the equivalent of $1.00 per .02 cfs of WR factored by the lands in the GWD (to be split as $.50 per acre and $.50 per usage) with a $35.00 minimum, seconded by Jake, voting was unanimous.

b.       Exclusions: Draft Position Statement (Mitchell)

Mitchell read a draft position statement regarding petitions for exclusion. Members of the board generally agreed with the draft, but asked that the ‘approval of an IDWR management plan’ language be emphasized by underlining that portion of the draft.

Todd moved to approve the Position Statement as emphasized, seconded by Terry, voting was unanimous.

c.       Dialogue with IDWR (Mike)

Mike reported he had spoken to Jennifer Sukow, of IDWR, regarding her analysis of the basin’s groundwater, and invited her to meet with us and Jaxon Higgs on Aug. 8, 2017.

(Please note: because this was an informal informational meeting held subsequent to this board meeting, no formal minutes of the discussion were kept. Jaxon provided a map depicting groundwater priorities overlaid on irrigated lands and a bar graph of grouped GW priorities. Jennifer discussed the different methodologies IDWR used to analysis aquifer level measurements and related data. Mitchell attached his personnel notes to these minutes. At the end of this discussion, those present indicated they would like to meet again in the fall of this year after more data is collected and analyzed.)

e.       Water Well Consultants Reports (Jaxon or Brian) (No report- see above information)

f.         NRCS Funds

Mike reported there were funds available from NRCS as Flood Funds as reported in Camas County. The deadline for these funds appears to be July 26, 2017. Todd will inquire as to the details and deadlines.

7.               Policy Review (700 and 800 series)

(Postponed again due to time restraints)

8.         Adjournment
a.       Next meeting date set for August 8, 2017 at 1:00 pm.

b.       Chairman Moj adjourned the meeting at 3:50 pm.

Minutes Approved and Accepted this        —day, of

(Secre ary Mitche Sorensen)