December 2017 Newsletter

Big Lost River Ground Water District
Physical Address: 159 N Idaho Street Suite 106 Mailing address: P.O. Box 721
Arco, Idaho 83213
Phone and Fax 208-591-3982

Groundwater Users:

The 2017 irrigation season has proven to be an exceptional water year for both surface river flows and ground water aquifer recovery and stabilization. WD 34 records indicate 103,294 AF of managed recharge was accomplished during the spring and summer months of this year, and fall and winter managed recharge projects continue to replenish aquifer levels. USGS gaging stations indicate there are substantial river flows leaving the valley that can still be diverted for the benefit of the valley if more recharge projects were further developed. As you saw in our last Newsletter, the recent agreement between WD34 and DOE did capture the diversion of water into INL spreading ponds as credit for Basin 34 irrigators. We appreciate all of those individuals and entities who have supported and contributed to this most successful endeavor. BLRGD and IDWR will continue to retrieve and share aquifer level data gathered from our joint monitoring programs.

Another success that many of you may have heard about is the Collaborative Group efforts in developing enhanced water projects/parks in the Arco and Moore areas. Each project is being envisioned and developed by an Arco Team and Moore Team respectively. These teams are building alliances with local water users and regional and state conservancy interests. As these projects begin to take shape, community members will be invited to a series of public meetings this winter to be introduced to the project and given an opportunity to participate in their development. BLRGD will continue to support these projects and provide technical and advisory assistants

The Big Lost River Ground Water District website can now be used by everyone. Not only will you be able to read the minutes of the Board meetings, but a copy of the latest Newsletter will also be posted. On the side, please look at the Pivotrac information, Snotel reports, and IDWR website. A big ‘thank you’ to Brenda Anderson who spent hours creating all the details in making this informative web page. Please note who your director is by referring to the color-coded chart and list of directors. To access this website, merely type: .

Enclosed you will find your 2018 billing for your well(s). The two calculations below need to be added together for your billing. They are:

1.  Proportionate Usage bill:
a.   Your 3 year CFS average usage is divided by the 3 year average of the total ground water used; times this percentage by the approved budget amount of $18,375.00; put a dollar sign on this total to find what you owe for your proportionate usage.

2.  Water Right CFS Charge:
a.  The second part of your bill is the CFS Charge. This reflects the IDWR recorded cfs on each of your water rights. Start with the cfs of your water right and divide it by .02; take this number and times by $.50 to get the amount you owe for that water right. Each of your water rights will be listed and have an amount due.

The minimum assessment is $35.00 for every account. The are no exclusions for minimum users. All assessments must be paid before December 31, 2017, to avoid a $15.00 per water right penalty and per month interest charge.

After receiving and reviewing the notice from Director Spackman (IDWR) regarding the Upper Big Lost River Ground Water Association’s Mitigation and Aquifer Enhancement Plan, the board feels obligated to protect our member’s interests by participating in the administrative proceedings on this matter. We will keep you posted as the matter moves forward.

Thanks for your support during the Big Lost River Ground Water District’s Organizational year. The Directors have spent many hours away from their normal duties to help organize and develop the best ground water district possible. As always, you are invited to all Board Meetings.

Have a Wonderful Christmas