2020 November 4

Big Lost River Ground Water District

Minutes of the Monthly Board Meeting— November 4, 2020

This and all meetings of the Board o Directors are public and subject to pertinent Open Meeting Laws.

Date: November 4, 2020 Time: 7:04 p.m.                     Location: BIC Center, Arco, Idaho

Call to Order by: Moj Broadie

Roll Call: Moj Broadie, Jack Jensen, Mike Telford, Adam Sorensen, Evan Rogers, Jim Gregory

Visitors: Jaxon Higgs of Water Well Consultants

Agenda reviewed. Debbie noted that there were two last minute items to be added: (1)Vynal door sign and

(2)new lease. These additions and agenda was approved by the BLRGWD Board.

  1. Minutes from September 2. 2020 read by Jack Jensen. Mike made the motion with Adam’s 2nd to approve these minutes. Note: The Board of Directors unanimously voted to appoint Evan Rogers’ as Director of District 5 in the October Annual Meeting. (See October Annual Meeting Minutes)
  2. Office Manager’s report given by Debbie. Ending balances of checking and savings presented to the board.
  3. Butte County has taken ownership of the BIC Center. The new “Butte County Business Center”‘s lease was signed by Jack Jensen and Debbie Broadie. The rent remains the same as well as the office space. Along with this new lease and renovations of the buildings, the offices have applied vinyl signs on their windows. Directors suggested contacting Adams’ wife to get an estimate for making this sign.
  4. Old Business:
    1. Mike reported that through publications he has received information regarding recharge, cloud seeding and new projects on IGWA’s plans.
    1. Noted that our Petition to Designate the BLRGWD Basin as a ground water management area is still on hold until next year. Nothing new from Attorney on this subject.
    1. Mike reported that TJ Budge thought that our accounts could total 3-4 times our annual budget. The seasonal vs. daily diversion measurement issue was of interest to TJ. District still on hold as to taking action.
    1. Adam Sorensen signed checking account signature documents.
    1. Guest Speaker: Jaxon Higgs reviewed of the BLRGWD’s Draft of Management Plan and the suggestions made by Mat Weaver. The managed withdrawal Plan was explained to the new Directors. Suggestions made by the Board as well as Jaxon to adjust our plan and explain in more detail for Mr. Weaver’s understanding. With a motion from Mike and 2nd from Jack, aA new letter will be re-vised by Ja$on by the end of December and sent to the Board. No definite time as to when the revised letter/plan will be sent to IDWR or Mat Weaver. Entire Board agreed to this motion.

Motion made by Jack and 2nd by Evan to pay Jaxon for the spring 2020 billing sheets. These sheets will be sent with the 2021 billing sheets to the members only. Approximately 40 hrs has been spent on the 2020 sheets. These sheets explain to the members what their water rights are and their detailed usage.

Motion to adjourn made by Mike Telford and 2nd by Jack Jensen