2020 October 7 Annual Board Meeting and Budget Meeting Minutes

Big Lost River Ground Water District

-ANNUAL Board Meeting and Budget Meeting—


This and all meetings of the Board of Directors are public and subject to pertinent Open Meeting Laws.

Date: October 7, 2020                      Time:_7:10 p.m.                             Location: Business Incubation Center— Arco, Idaho

Call to Order by: Moj Broadie, Chairman

Roll Call: Moj Broadie, Mike Telford, Jack Jensen, Debbie Broadie, Adam Sorensen, Jim Gregory Visitors: Seth Beal, Travis Anderson

  1. After reviewing the Agenda of this Budget and Annual Meeting Agenda, Jack moved and Adam 2nd the motion to approve the Agenda.
  2. Jack Jensen, Secretary, read the 2019 Annual Board Meeting minutes. Mike Telford made the motion to accept the minutes and Jim Gregory 2nd with confirmation from the entire board.
  3. Debbie reviewed the packet each board member received for the Office Manager’s Report. This included
    1. Up-to-date Bank Statements and Computer reconciliation for 2020 of regular and LGIP accounts.
    1. Overdue accounts
    1. Projected budget for the 2020-21 year
      1. Explained the formula for calculating assessments to new Board members.
      1. Discussed the 50% for individual cfs charge and 50% for individual usage of water. iii. Mike explained the usage might be higher or lower depending on the years.

Motion to accept the Office Managers report and budget by Jim Gregory and 2 nd by Adam Sorensen. All were in favor.

  • Old Business and review of past year.
    • Mike Telford reported
      • That IGWA’s meetings have been altered due to COVID. Directors would like to see Adam, Evan and Jim attend one of the IGWA’s meetings as soon as they are back in session.
  • New Business

                       a. With the motion from Mike Telford and a 2 nd from Jim Gregory, Adam Sorensen was is assigned to be the 2nd signer on the checking account when necessary. Entire board agreed to this motion.

  • Evan Rogers had submitted his petition to accept being the director for Division 5. Motion made to approve Evan as a director was made by Mike and 2nd by Adam.
    • Review of past year by Mike Telford

CREP program rates have changed. No one in our district has participated even though this district is eligible. The end gun program is still in effect.

  1. Well management of monitoring instantaneous instead of volume is still an issue.
    1. Jack Jensen added that the Moore project including the RV park is still moving along. Problems regarding match money for grant was not reached. The committee will try to raise the matched funds for the grant next year. The fence has been built and the engineering for the well is done. The well did not get done.
    1. The Arco project grant was turned down. The county now owns the property for the project.
    1. The Recharge project above the Dam has not been tackled yet. Jake is heading this project.