April 7, 2021

Big Lost River Ground Water District

–Regular Board Meeting— Minutes of April 7, 2021

This and all meetings of the Board o Directors are public and subject to pertinent Open Meeting Laws.

Time: 7:15 p.m.              Location: BIC Center, Arco, Idaho

Call to Order by: Chairman, Moj Broadie

Roll Call: Moj Broadie, Adam Sorensen, Evan Rogers, Jake Johnson, Jack Jensen, Mike Telford, and Debbie Broadie

Visitors: Jaxon Higgs connected by conference call.

1. With a motion from Jake with a second from Mike, the Agenda was approved after being read & approved by the entire Board.

  • Minutes from February 3. 2021 was read and approved by the board. Mike made a motion with Jake making the 2nd to approve these minutes.
  • Office Manager’s report given by Debbie. Bank statements as well as balance due list were distributed to the Board. Mike made the Motion to accept the Office Manager’s report with Jake giving a second.
  • Old Business:
    • Update of IGWA was presented by Mike. Jaxon Higgs was connected by conference call discussing the following.
      • Discussion regarding the INL study of isotopes, water and the drought all being factors which intertwine with the Big Lost River Basin.
      • Big Wood River has 2 Ground Water districts. They currently have issues with Magic Reservoir/Wells in Bellevue Triangle water rights. The Department declared them a Ground water management area. Their committee came up with a plan of 10% reduction and recharge. The director rejected their 10% reduction and gave them a date to have another plan or he would create one. iii. Jaxon would like to sit down and go over the usage report with the members/board.
    • Update: Petition to Designate the BLRGWD Basin as a ground water management area. Future status will still be no sooner than 2021 perTJ. No update from IDWR or Attorney TJ Budge as of April 7, 2021.
    • The Draft of Management Plan which was sent to IDWR on March 10, 2020 by Jaxon was discussed. The key is that the Director wants the members to be in harmony with the plan, otherwise he will come up with the plan. The board agreed that the plan as it stands (with inserts) is a great place to start negotiation. Attention was drawn to the 2013-2015 priority baseline dates which were established for the basin as being a very important factor. Jaxon noted that the members need to pay attention to their Usage reports that were mailed to them. We have to be able to argue what we know to be the most correct data. Farmers know their farms and water usage better than the Department does. The Board requested Debbie to send notices to the members requesting information as to any improvements they have made regarding water conservation. Our district needs to be able to claim credit for the conservation done in the past years. All information will be cataloged for future reference upon any mitigation/questions from IDWR. Adam Sorensen expressed his concerns of his usage reports stating he used more water in 2020 than in 2019 even though 1/3 of his land was not irrigated for one-half of the year in 2020. He contacted Lucas who verified that the Sorenson’s usage numbers were not correct.
    • Moore Park update was presented by Jack who stated that there are problems with grant funding due to lack of matching funds. He will continue giving up updates in the future.
    • Debbie updated information on the Idaho Codes pertaining to member’s penalties for not paying assessments. It was determined that the law could change again before the 3 year time frame (billing of 2023) arrives at which time we can file liens or shut off water as Idaho Code allows at that time.
  • New Business
    • Congressman Mike Simpson’s presentation on breaching the dams could not be arranged. Will be rescheduled later.
    • Jake Johnson presented his idea of building a recharge area on a 40 acre +/- plot which would gather water from the Chili Canal and drain into a drain field. Jake will approach the Recharge Committee with this idea. Whether to lease the ground for 99 years or purchase the ground was also discussed. Excellent research from Jake on this project.
    • Usage reports of 2019 and 2020 sent by Jaxon Higgs to members. As stated above, he would like the members to study their usage reports. Several members have questioned Lucas and have had issues with the figures. These corrections are needed to complete an accurate report.
    • Webb request for annexation was submitted to the Board. To complete this request,

Debbie will have the information printed in the papers and then filed at the courthouse.

  • Moj Broadie turned in his resignation as Chairman. Board respectfully thanked him for his service during the last 6 years. He would suggest Moj James Broadie as his replacement for his District.

Motion to adjourn made by Moj Broadie


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