August 2021

Big Lost River Ground Water District

–Regular Board Meeting Agenda— MINUTES for August 4, 2021

This and all meetings of the Board o Directors are public and subject to pertinent Open Meeting Laws.

Date: 8/4/2021                       Time: 7:10 p.m.            Location: BIC Center, Arco, Idaho

Call to Order by: Mike Telford, co-chairman

Roll Call: Mike Telford, Jake Johnson, Jack Jensen, Adam Sorensen, Evan Rogers, Moj James Broadie, Debbie Broadie

  1. Approval of Minutes of July 7, 2021. After Jack Jensen read the minutes, Moj Broadie made a motion to approve the Minutes followed by Jake Johnson’s second and approval by the Board.
  2. After the Board individually read the Agenda, motion to accept was given by Jake Johnson and a

second was by Moj James Broadie. All members agreed.

  • The financial report was given by Debbie. Adam Sorensen made the motion to accept the financial reports with Jake Johnson giving a second. All Board members agreed.
  • Old Business:
    • Election of Officers: The following were elected as officers by the entire Board: Mike Telford, Chairman; Adam Sorensen, Co-Chairman; Jack Jensen, Sec./Treas.
    • Update: Petition to Designate the BLRGWD Basin as a ground water management area.

Nothing new to report

  • Update on Management Plan Draft sent to IDWR on March 10, 2020 by Jaxon. Nothing new to report.
    • Jake Johnson reported that the fellow who was thinking of selling/leasing the property for the recharge project backed out. Nothing more to report
    • Jaxon Higgs stated by e-mail that there was nothing to report on the Little Wood River water issues. Board discussed that this settlement is an example of not having a management plan.
    • Update on lining projects:
      • Mike reported that the Munsey, Island and Eastside projects are still being worked on and not sure when they will begin work.
      • Moj James stated that the Burnett project is on track.
      • Per the request of the Board, Debbie reported that the NRCS explained that the LESA (Lower Elevation Sprinkler Application) project had 24 projects which reduced water use by 7-10%. Debbie was asked to find out if that was 24 people or 24 pivots.
      • Usage Reports
      • Sorensen’s discrepancy with Jaxon’s report has not been addressed. Adam will work on this in the fall.

ii. What to do about users who use over their limit. Board agreed that the State will take care of this.

  • New Business
    • Mike’s Draft letter was discussed. Mike will re-write and submit it next month.
    • The Board decided to delay the public meeting regarding Representative Mike Simpson’s dam project until March 2022. The Board felt it more important to have a public meeting with speakers that could inform and educate the public regarding water reduction and usage. Adam Sorensen, Evan Rogers and Mike Telford will contact the speakers by the next Board Meeting in September. Invitations will be sent to BLRGWD


  • Division Director Terms were checked and approved by the Board.
    • The current budget (from November 1, 2020- August 4, 2021) and the estimated budget for the 2020-2021 year were reviewed. The board approved to keep the 2021-2022 estimated budget the same as last year with the $1.00 fee ($.50 towards usage and $.50 towards CFS). Jake Johnson made the motion to accept the same budget for the coming year. Moj James made the 2nd with the Board’s acceptance.

i. The annual meeting will be-October-6, 2021, in conjunction with the public meeting with speakers (see “B”).

  • The new NRCS program was discussed and noted
    • The IGWA meeting will be August 25, 2021, 9:30 — 12:00 p.m. in Burley. Mike will plan on going and all Board Members were encouraged to attend.
    • Date of next meeting will be September 1, 2021.

Motion to adjourn made by Moj James and 2nd by Jake Johnson. Dated this

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