February 3, 2021

Big Lost River Ground Water District

–Regular Board Meeting— Minutes: February 3, 2021

This and all meetings of the Board o Directors are public and subject to pertinent Open Meeting Laws.

Date: February 3, 2021 Time: 7:00 p.m.                    Location: BIC Center, Arco, Idaho

Call to Order by: Moj Broadie

Roll Call: Moj Broadie, Mike Telford, Jack Jensen, Evan Rogers, Adam Sorensen, Jim Gregory, Jake Johnson and Debbie Broadie Visitors: none

  1. Agenda reviewed by the BLRGWD Board. Motion made by Jake with a 2 nd from Mike to accept the agenda.
  2. Minutes from November were read. Motion made by Jim and 2nd by Jack to accept these minutes. January Board Meetings read. Jake moved to have the minutes approved with a 2nd from Mike. No meeting in December.
  3. Office Manager’s report  b
    1. Financial review included statements from December as January statements had not be published as of this date. A list of outstanding accounts presented. With a motion from Mike and a 2 nd from Jake the financial review was approved.
    1. Discussion regarding acceptance of property owners wanting to become members of BLRGWD. Debbie to send the documents for signing to them.
  4. Old Business:
    1. Update of IGWA

i. Voting procedures for the new IGWA Presidency discussed. The IGWA meeting was postponed until March. Moj relayed what the Upper Valley Ground Water Users expressed to him the long term the current President has had. In a phone call from Lynn Tomiaga, Lynn stated that the election will be in March. Our water district needs to decide which way to vote. There is a possibility of having a dual chairmanship.

  • Update: Petition to Designate the BLRGWD Basin as a ground water management area. Prior status as of November meeting was: will not be before 2021 perTJ. Received email from TJ today stated “Due to Covid, Director Spackman is holding off on the BLRGWMA until summer. Postpone further updates until July possibly.
    • The review of the Draft of Groundwater Management Plan from Jaxon received and copies delivered to each Board Member. Instructions to members to take home and study for next Board Meeting. Board requested Debbie to ask Jaxon about the information he had that was to be sent with the 2021 billings.
    • Members agreed to the design for the window sign at the office. With a motion from Jake and a 2 nd from Even, the design was accepted with the maximum of $60.00 to be spent. Adam Sorenson’s wife will be contacted to make this sign.
    • Motion made by Mike and 2nd by Jake to give Debbie a $.25 per hour raise starting February, 2021.
  • New Business
    • Review of the Virtual Meeting with the Idaho Water Resource Board of January 20, 2021 was presented by Adam Sorensen. Several items from this meeting were brought to the attention of the Board.
    • CREP handout received 1/2021 from FSA was distributed to the Board.
    • The board reviewed the Canal Modification Agreement from the “Arco Div. Conveyance Pipeline Association”
    • Debbie asked the board if the new Idaho Code 52-42-5244B should be brought to the attention of those not paying their bill. Copy of this code in packets. Debbie to get more information regarding liens, how those not irrigating will be affected by nonpayment and the new Idaho Code, and how long the shut off action will take regarding the Idaho Code.
    • Motion to adjourn made by Mike and 2nd by all.


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