Newsletter March 2021

Dear Water User,                                                                                                             

Ground water usage in the Big Lost River Valley will soon be under greater scrutiny by the Idaho Department of Water Resources (IDWR). Although groundwater usage data has been collected for many years by Water District 34 staff, most users have not had the opportunity to review the data submitted to IDWR each year. To better educate ourselves regarding the calculated volumes attributed to our wells and water rights, the Big Lost River Ground Water District has contracted with Water Well Consultants Inc. to create usage summaries that describe water rights, points of diversion, and calculated usage for each ground water user in the valley. This data is of public record and is presented as it is currently provided on IDWR water right and water usage databases.

Please find attached your individual ground water usage summary. This summary provides a breakdown of water rights with appurtenant wells and includes the 2014 to 2016 average usage for each well as a point of reference. Note these summaries do not include any surface water that may be combined with your ground water rights or that are appurtenant to the same lands as your ground water rights. Below is a description of the column headings (left to right). Please pay special attention to the highlighted columns and notify the ground water district of any corrections that need to be made.

Yearly pumping volumes are presented in the second attached sheet. Please review the usage data for each individual year and contact the watermaster or Water Well Consultants to discuss any corrections that need to be made.

It is essential that all users know and understand their water rights and withdrawals from the aquifer in order to manage groundwater in our basin. The board of the Big Lost River Ground Water District is committed to provide all necessary information and education to help ground water users sustainably manage the aquifer in the Lost River Valley.


Ground Water District Board

Column Heading Descriptions:

Billing Contact – water right owner as assessed by the Ground Water District for the 2020 season

Water Right # – IDWR designated water right number with basin prefix

Priority Date – listed priority                           

Water Right Condition – if any restrictions or conditions exist in the comments of a water right they are listed under this column. Examples include trust water, enlargement, must use surface water first, etc.

Water Right CFS – total cubic feet per second as listed on water right details. Multiple use and combined cfs limitations not displayed.

Combined Acres – shows combined limitations where multiple water rights are limited to a given acreage. If no combination exists, the total acres for each right is listed.

Acres/Right – this column describes the allowed acreage for each individual right. Where combinations exist, ground water district consultants split acreage between rights taking care to honor individual right limits where possible. If no individual limits existed where the sum of those limits equaled the combined limit, percentage of total cfs was used.

WMIS# – IDWR water measurement database identification number

Well Name – common name of well as currently recorded in WMIS database. This name aids communication between water district, ground water district, and IDWR staff when conversing with a user about their well.

POD – public land survey delineation point of diversion as listed on associated water rights

Avg. Usage – 2014 to 2016 average usage as reported by water district staff

Avg. ft/acre – volume pumped divided by water right acres

Helpful conversion values from IDWR website:

1 miner’s inch ……………… 9 gpm ……………………….. 0.02 cfs

1 CFS ………………………….. 448.8 gpm …………………. 50 miner’s inches

1 acre-foot …………………. 325,850 gallons …………. 25.2 inches (24hr)

gpm = gallons per minute

cfs = cubic feet per second


Jaxon Higgs, P.G.

Water Well Consultants, Inc.