October 2021

               Big Lost River Ground Water District

–Regular Board Meeting— MINUTES

October 13, 2021

This and all meetings of the Board o Directors are public and subject to pertinent Open Meeting Laws.

Date: 10/13/2021                       Time: 7:10 p.m.            Location: BIC Center, Arco, Idaho

Call to Order by: Mike Telford, co-chairman

Roll Call: Mike Telford, Adam Sorensen, Evan Rogers, Jack Jensen, Jim Gregory, Moj James Broadie, Debbie Broadie

  1. Approval of Minutes of August 4, 2021 not available. (will be read next meeting). (No meeting held in September)
  2. Reading of agenda by Board. Motion made by Jim seconded by Moj James with acceptance by entire board.
  3. The financial report included
    1. bank statements and computer printouts for the checking account and Savings accounts.
    1. Outstanding accounts
    1. Interest rate change for late payments is 5.125% pursuant to the State of Idaho
    1. Final anticipated 2021-2022 Budget handed to each Board member.
    1. Question as to payments made to Pivot Trac and where the monitors are located. Debbie to get this information for the next meeting.

Motion made to accept the financial report as presented by Moj James and Seconded by Jim with agreement from entire Board.

  • Old Business:
    • Discussion regarding Power Consumption Coefficent (PCC) compared to flowmeter. See attached e-mail from Jaxon explaining the difference.
    • Review: Petition to Designate the BLRGWD Basin as a ground water management area. Any changes/updates?
    • Update on Management Plan Draft sent to IDWR from TJ or Jaxon
    • Update on lining projects:
      • Munsey, Island and Eastside : Mike reported that the Timberline projects are close to being started.
      • Burnett: Moj James . Reported that the delay by NRCS affected the price of the liner. Having to pay more for the liner required cutting back on the distance that could be covered. The plan is to start putting in the liner next week.
    • Debbie reported that there were 34 applicants with 77 systems which covered approximately 7,000.00 acres during 2021, that applied and participated in the LESA Program.
    • Usage Reports corrections have not been looked at yet. Mike is using his usage as a test. He will be getting his power records to Jaxon soon for comparisons. Debbie is to find out who is paying Jaxon ‘every year because of issues we have had with flowmeters and the critical nature of the reported data”. See Jaxon’s e-mail of August 10, 2021.
    • Letter to Wa&eF-DistFiGt-34 Irrigation District (Mike) Letter idea is being discontinued.
    • March 2022 Public meeting speakers? Adam, Evan and Mike to arrange.

Annual meeting date is November 3 (changed from October 6) Budget meeting date same as Annual Meeting. Notices printed in the Arco Advertiser and Challis Messenger as well as our in ourNewsletter.

                         j.       IGWA meeting news. Review of TJ Budge’s e-mail. Next IGWA meeting 11/10/2021 at 290

East Linden, in Chubbuck, Idaho (venue has been changed)

  • New Business
    • Review of management plan for new Directors. Board agreed to have an extra work meeting to educate the new board members will be October 27, 2021 @7:00 p.m.
    • New Office lease rent increase. Motion made to accept the increase by Jim and seconded from Moj James with agreement from the Board.
    • Annual Meeting agenda will-include: du,e.u-.a.u-Å– a-a
      • Review of last this year’s Agenda.
      • Minutes from 2020 Budget and Annual Meeting to be read
      • Financial report (Debbie)

a. List only the total amount of outstanding receivables.

4. Annual Budget and Board Meeting Outline

a. Projects

Recharge Project above the dam (Jake) ii. Arco Recreation Project (Mike) iii. Moore Recreation Project (Jack) iv. Lining projects

  1. Arco, Moore, Munsee, Island, Eastside, Timberline (Mike)
    1. Burnett (Moj James)

b. Other surface water conservation projects

i. Debbie reports the numbers that participated in 2021 LESA Program ii. Randy Purser how it is working for him

c. Director’s comments during the Water Users Asso. Seminar (Mike) TJ Budge’s letter to District which was sent to district members in newsletter .

i. What happened in Wood River during 2021 ii. What will happen to BLRiver for next year. (2022)

d. Big Lost River Ground Water District PLAN (Mike)

  • Date of next meeting November 3, 2021, (Budget and Annual Meeting)

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