2020 March 4

Big Lost River Ground Water District

–ReguIar Board Meeting— MINUTES

This and all meetings of the Board of Directors are public and subject to pertinent Open Meeting Laws.

Date: March 4, 2020              Time:_7:15 p.m.                   Location: Business Incubation Center— Arco, Idaho

Call to Order by Moj Broadie, Chairman

Roll Call: Jack Jensen, Jake Johnson, Keith Waddoups, Mike Telford and Debbie Broadie Visitors: 0

  1. All members read and approved this meeting’s Agenda.
  2. Debbie read the minutes from January 201•9 Board Meeting. Note that there was no Board meeting in February. All approved of the minutes.
  3. Office Manager’s Reports for the months of January and February were presented by Debbie. After reading their copies of the bank statements and computer reconciliations all Board Members approved to accept these reports. List of those still owing assessments was attached to the report.
  4. Old Business:
    1. Jessie Fullmer from the NRddiscussed the newest update on the meter replacement program. Jessie

Reported that State office has granted approval for Water Basin 34 to be included in the RCPP Partnership Proposal (meter replacement program). The exceptions to this program is that (1) the meter must be 20 or more years old prior to replacement or (2) never had an meter on the well. Irrigators must sign up and get the approval of the NRCS prior to the purchase of the meters to be qualified for payment. The program pays for the meter with the irrigator paying for the installation. Questions were asked, such as will this program cover the meter if burnt up by electrical fire? Jessie will check on this answer and get back with us. The deadline for signup is March 13, 2020. The Board requested with the motion coming from Jake and 2nd by Keith to have Debbie send all members of the Ground Water District a notice of this program and the deadline. Further information was supplied regarding the “removal of end gun” program which is also due on March 13, 2020.

  • Mike reminded the Board of the next IGWA meeting on March 18, 2020 in Pocatello, Idaho. Mike will be going. Keith and Jack will plan on going also.
    • The Petition to Designate the BLRGWD as a Ground Water Management Area was discussed. Motion made by Keith and 2nd by Jack to have TJ Budge, attorney, to send this Petition to IDWR. Debbie to advise TJ to send this Petition in.
    • The Draft of Management Plan was also discussed. Mike made a motion to have Jaxon send

Management Plan to Matt Weaver at IDWR for unofficial comments. Debbie was instructed to contact

Jaxon to have him submit this Plan.

  • Board appointed Jake Johnson to replace Terry Monson’s position as signer on the checking account. He  completed the signature cards necessary for him to be able to sign at U S Bank.
  • New Business
    • Division #2 and #4 Board member replacements were discussed. Keith to visit with Elaine Sorenson and Moj to visit with Jim Gregory and Mr. Francis.
    • Assessment questions regarding Standlee Hay / McDonald water rights. Board agreed that Standlee owns the property and controls the water rights and should pay the assessment belonging to ground water rights.
    • Jack agreed to complete and mail the Government survey that was sent to the District for completion.

Board agreed to hold meeting every other month during the summer. Next meeting will be on April 1, 2020.

After that date, meetings will be adjusted as mentioned unless there is an issue that needs the Board to meet.

Summer meetings will continue to be at 7:00 p.m. at the BIC Center.

  • Motion to adjourn made by Mike and 2nd by Jack

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